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Two American platoons belonging to the Bravo company from the 82nd Field Artillery Regiment support the activities of the 12th Mechanized Division during the second phase of the Anakonda-18 exercise at the Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area (DPTA).

The main equipment of the subunit are 155 mm howitzers M109A6 Paladin, equipped with modern aiming, navigation and communication systems. Paladin's crew consists of four soldiers: commander, driver, gun loader and cannon operator. The effective range of destruction of the howitzer is 18 km with the use of standard ammunition, and in the case of the use of ammunition supported by a rocket engine, the range increases to 30 km. - As artillerymen, we like to shoot both day and night. But of course everything depends on the weather," says the company commander Captain Roach. He underlines that during the Anakonda-18 exercise they were pleasantly surprised by the fact that they eat Polish food and not dry rations. - While training in the field it is nice to eat a warm meal, which tastes exceptional after a whole day of classes in the field – captain adds.

After completion of this part of the exercises, the subunit will continue the training at the Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area. Only in a few weeks the American artillery should return to Germany, where their regiment is stationed.