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As part of the Anakonda-18 exercise, Polish and U.S. military subunits started activities aimed at maintaining their combat capability with the task of maintaining the front edge of defense.

The relief in place manoeuvre consists of taking over the area by the one group of soldiers from another. In this case, the subunit from the NATO Battalion Battle Group was replaced by the 3rd battalion tactical unit from the12 Mechanized Brigade. Heavy tanks Abrams M1 and infantry vehicles Bradley M2, after leaving the defensive line, started to restore combat capabilities. Their task was taken over by wheeled armoured transporters Rosomak. In order to conduct proper relief in place manoeuvre, forces were covered by the Task Group of the 15 Giżycko Mechanized Brigade.

Before the troops started the activities, their commanders had to synchronize and coordinate tall the actions. The routes of manoeuvres, signals, identification signs, as well as the way of proceeding in case of a sudden attack of the opponent were established.