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2018-11-13 18:07:44
Two American platoons belonging to the Bravo company from the 82nd Field Artillery Regiment support the activities of the 12th Mechanized Division during the second phase of the Anakonda-18 exercise at the Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area (DPTA).

2018-11-11 14:00:21
Not only the Republic of Poland celebrates the eleventh of November.

2018-11-11 13:48:28
Columns of military vehicles, which three days ago set off from the barracks of the 12th Mechanized Brigade in Szczecin and Stargard, are getting closer and closer to Orzysz.

2018-11-10 11:11:02
While training the tactical exercises, one of the subunits was contaminated, by the opponent, with a substance of unknown origin.

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