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ANAKONDA-18 (AN-18) is sponsored and scheduled by Minister of National Defence of Republic of Poland and led by Commanding General of Armed Forces Operational Command. Series is based on a biyearly (biannual), joint, national with multinational participation, multi echelon Command Post Exercise (CPX) combined with a distributed large-scale Live Exercise (LIVEX). ANAKONDA series integrates national security and defence capabilities within joint, interagency, multinational and public environment in order to challenge modern and future threats.

AN-18 will be the highest priority, key training event of Polish Armed Forces (PAF) in 2018, air domain centric but geographically oriented on the planning and conduct of joint, air-land operations along the eastern flank of NATO. AN-18 design is neither a provocative nor an offensive action. It will be d between 7 November - 6 December 2018.

ANAKONDA-18 will involve approximately 12 500 troops on Polish territory and additionally approximately 5 000 troops in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and in the Baltic Sea. This year’s ANAKONDA will serve as certification venue for the Headquarters Multinational Division North East (HQ MND-NE) which will finalize its preparations for reaching full capability as a deliverable of 2016 Warsaw NATO Summit.

Since 2006 ANAKONDA evolved from a typical military event, through a national and regional comprehensive approach exercise, into a national exercise with an active participation of NATO structures, member countries and partners. As a result of these changes ANAKONDA became a permanent event on NATO and international training and exercise program.

This year’s ANAKONDA will involve troops and equipment from 10 NATO Nations and international staff from NATO Command Structure and NATO Force Structure.

More details will be available and constantly d during the exercise on a dedicated website: